Friday, April 18, 2008

Positive/Negative 665

The second ship of Polaroid goods has arrived at Unsaleable from Mexico...

"Usually we have to decide whether to delight you with some real positive news or to hurt you with some negative information like the end of the beloved SX-70 Blend.

Opening the big wooden box that we just unloaded from the rusty ship coming from Mexico we are excited to present the first POSITIVE / NEGATIVE POLAROID NEWS
ever. Lost for ages, very rare and among the most wanted Polaroid film ever, this box contains the biggest selection of positive/negative treasures in perfect condition we have ever seen in our lives. The following films will be put into our shelves with trembling hands and water in our eyes: THE LEGENDARY 665

No one dared to hope that we would finally hold this terrific material in our trembling hands one more time. Another proof that good things take time and that hope is never lost to source more rare Polaroid film in the coming years. This outstanding 665 film just expired 05/2007 and was carefully tested featuring premium results. A quantity of excactly 500 packs is available for all our loyal customers from exactly now on."

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