Saturday, April 19, 2008

Featured Artist - Matt Schwartz

Girl with Blue Tights in Gumballs by Matt Schwartz

Girl with Rainbow Tights and Ice Cream by Matt Schwartz

Wow! I just checked out She Hit Pause Studios on Etsy. Matt was kind enough to heart my shop as a favorite and let me say, I was being honest when I hearted him back. His work is amazing! Not to mention, I am very envious, because his transfers are 8x10. I never have acquired all the equipment I would need to go 8x10, and now that Polaroid has stopped making the film, I probably never will. C'est la vie. And back to Matt Schwartz...

Girl Pulling Red Wagon with Records by Matt Schwartz

In Matt's own words:
"I am based out of Brooklyn,NY and make art and photograph weddings. My works consists of my version of the pin up girl,toys,candy,gumballs,records,record players,typewriters in a field,clouds,Coney Island and anything else colorful,beautiful and dreamlike."

Go check him out because otherwise I will be forced to post everything from his shop here. I love his work!

Nude on Bed by Matt Schwartz


Nika said...

Hi, I was researching Matt Schwartz and stumbled upon your blog. Have you heard of Stefanie Schneider? Think you might also like her work... Is your blog still active? Hope so, I like it :)

Tiffany Teske said...

Hi Nika! No, I have not heard of Stephanie Schneider but will be sure to check her out. This blog is still active, I try to post several times a week. Feel free to follow or subscribe. Cheers!

Tiffany Teske said...

I just checked and I have seen the work of Stephanie Schneider. I am going to try to find more of her work. Thanks!