Friday, April 11, 2008

Holgaroid Backs

I have a Polaroid Holga Back for making Holgaroids and I LOVE IT! So, I thought I would pass this along to anyone who would like one...

just arrived in the unsaleable harbour
We have to admit, that we were a little bit nervous about opening the very first box of our 5 thrilling "Secret Polaroid Supreme Shipments".
Especially because we received so much positive feedback on our last mail, informing you about the good news of new supply of rare Polaroid goods. What if the beautiful wooden box was empty??? What if it just contains Holga manuals or boring Holga Colorflash filters. Or even worse, some cheap chinese Holga accessoires from the Lomographic Society??

After a last deep breath the infamous Webmeister
slowly hoists the box's lid and..............

...with a big smile of relief and tremblig hands
lifts a....

... brand new long awaited Polaroid Holga Back out of the box. Brand new version to digest type 100 as well as type 80 film.

To complete our total satisfaction and as well to give us enough reason to immediately open a bottle of champagne we also found 2 large cardboard boxes of outstanding type 100 films in the treasure chest, perfectly matching the Holga Back.

The super rare Polaroid 689 Pro Vivid. Introduced in 1992 as Polaroid's top-end professional color pack film. Expired in 2003, this film will knock you off your feet with it's unique characteristics and it's powerful color performance.

Breathtaking twinpack version of the famous 690 film. Expired in 2004, featuring unique colors and a very special performace regarding retro-characteristics.

So, after this positive suprise regarding the content of the very first box, we hope that you will stay tuned for the next yet secret shipment "lost & found positive & negative" that is scheduled to arrive at our headquaters in exactly one week.

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