Sunday, August 30, 2009

Five - Congrats to Guerilla

Can it be? Guerilla Magazine is 5 years old?! Back somewhere near the beginning, Tony Martins, asked to feature my Polaroid transfer work along with a wonderfully written article called "When Nude and Food Become Narrative". Because of being involved with the magazine, Tony contacted me to be part of a retrospective exhibit at OAG, The Ottawa Art Gallery. I have enjoyed many exhibits there, and once had a duo exhibit "brown & pink is the NEW black & white" in the theatre upstairs, with my friend, fellow photographer, Angela Marklew, as part of the Ottawa Fringe Festival. I have never shown in the main gallery so I am excited about it. I wish I could be there. As the invite above states, the event is on September 3rd. The pieces that I will have on exhibit are:



There will also be a silent auction featuring work by the following artists:
Juan Carlos Noria
Karina Kraenzle
Michael Zavacky
Allen Ford
Susie Osler
Sarah-Jane Schorlemer
Cindy Stelmackowich
Jane Burnstein
Jeremie Roy
Rémi Thériault
Tony Fouhse
Angelina McCormick
Darren Holmes
Jonathan Lorange
La Petite Mort Gallery
Tiffany Teske
Uta Bakowska
Pedro Isztin
Eric Chan
Dipna Horra
Paul Galipeau

The piece that I donated is called "Draped Nude".

I really love this image and if you do, too, then get yourself over to the event!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Bit of Humor

This digital photo of my daughter with one of my MANY Polaroid cameras, and some of her many stuffy friends, tickles my funny bone...

I have been working on a new series for the past couple weeks and will scan and post some of the images soon. Enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Emulsion Lift Series - Kiki's Wedding - Image 6 (Final Image)

Sixth and final image in the series that I mentioned in this post.

I promised the letter that I wrote to my friend to go with these images...

Dearest Kiki
Your friendship is something that I cherish even more than words can say. And the best part about it is that I know you know exactly what I mean without my even needing to say anything. I consider you a sister.

I have been working on a series of images from the amazing weekend during which you wed Chris. While I had already made these images into Polaroid transfers, I felt I should push them a bit further and try making them as Polaroid emulsion lifts. They are one of a kind, hand placed on handmade paper from India. They are even lovelier in person. I wish I was at your kitchen table right now, showing them to you while drinking tea, or wine, and eating chocolate...

I will never forget the weekend you got married. It was a wonderful trip for Andre and I, and to be able to stay at the Inn, with you, and friends of yours who have since become friends of ours. I would not have missed being there for the world. Thank you for treating us as if we are part of your family. It was good for my soul to be back in Maine and good for my heart to see you so very very happy. Remember when used to we wonder if we would find our true loves? How lucky for us both that we have...

I have so many rich memories from that cold, gray, rainy weekend in Maine in May. I must say that is how I like Maine best. Call me crazy, many people would, but my favorite Maine is moody Maine. And they say it is good luck to be married when it is raining. That weekend was perfect. The cold dampness only made the Inn, the chapel, tent, and the barn seem more cozy. It was magical to look out over all of your dining friends and family and to see their breath on the air, as they talked and laughed together. They had come together to witness your wedding and nothing could dampen their love for you and Chris. It was beautiful.

All of the other memories in my mind have to do with the timeless elements of your special day and the days surrounding it. The Inn was brought me back in time to an era in which I must have once lived, it just seems so familiar. The curve of the gleaming banister on the wooden stairs; the gilded empty frame that hung above the fireplace, flanked on either side by creamy white antique lamps; the old ornate wing backed chair next to the lacy curtains that let in a bright white light; the antique photographs of both of your grand parents, when they were young; the daffodils and pine boughs on our tables; your lovely dress that was truly made for you to wear, it came alive when you stepped into it; your enchantingly scrumptious cake dressed with twigs and birds a top a round of birch, such a shame to cut it apart but to much of a temptation not to. These remembrances and so many more will live on in my mind and heart for the rest of my days. I am grateful to have been a witness to the first day of the rest of your life.

Love to you and Chris,

(Image and Text by Tiffany Teske)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Film Check...

I had to check an old film pack in an old camera to make sure it worked. There were only a couple shots so I decided to shoot my little ones. Emmanuelle is sporting a Hurley sleeper from grandma (the shot is not clear enough for you to make out the total 80s print), and Quin is photographing me with her 35mm Kitty Holga K202, that I ordered about the time she was born, directly from China. When she pushes a button, the kitty meows and red lights blink to make people smile (or to drive mom crazy...)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Light Leaks Issue 14

I have been so behind since returning from Holidays. I saw the newest issue of Light Leaks in my pile of mail, and I knew that one of my images was in it. But since I like to savor these moments, I waited until I could take the time to properly look through the issue. So, yesterday, the time arrived, and I tore off the envelope to find what I think is my favorite issue of Light Leaks. The theme is childhood. As some of you know, I use nostalgia and memory in a lot of my work, and childhood naturally comes into play. And since becoming a mom, I spend a lot of time photographing my children. I jumped for joy when one of my images was chosen to be in this issue. It is a beautiful issue, filled with emotional images, from some amazing photographers who I am excited to check out further. Great job again, Light Leaks!

My Image - The Invisible Thread of Time, a double exposure Holgaroid shot using a Holga CFN 120, with a Polaroid Back, using Polaroid Chocolate Type 80 F film from PolaPremium

My image in Light Leaks

One of my favorite images from another photographer in this issue. Image by Rebecca Tolk

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back from THE ROAD

Victoria Beach August 2009 Holgaroid Image by Tiffany Teske

Wow, three weeks go by fast! I realize I still need to post one more in my Kiki's wedding series, which I shall do by the end of the weekend. It will include the letter to my friend, whom the series was made for. The above image was shot a few days ago, as my family left the cottage we were staying in at Victoria Beach, Manitoba, on Lake Winnipeg. It is a unique and idyllic place where you must park in a lot and then walk or bike to your cottage. The only vehicles allowed past the gate are Victoria Beach taxis. It makes it a safe place for kids to run wild and experience that necessary freedom of childhood. And it makes everyone more physically fit. I was able to shoot several images of this rare place and will post them in coming days.