Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Light Leaks Issue 14

I have been so behind since returning from Holidays. I saw the newest issue of Light Leaks in my pile of mail, and I knew that one of my images was in it. But since I like to savor these moments, I waited until I could take the time to properly look through the issue. So, yesterday, the time arrived, and I tore off the envelope to find what I think is my favorite issue of Light Leaks. The theme is childhood. As some of you know, I use nostalgia and memory in a lot of my work, and childhood naturally comes into play. And since becoming a mom, I spend a lot of time photographing my children. I jumped for joy when one of my images was chosen to be in this issue. It is a beautiful issue, filled with emotional images, from some amazing photographers who I am excited to check out further. Great job again, Light Leaks!

My Image - The Invisible Thread of Time, a double exposure Holgaroid shot using a Holga CFN 120, with a Polaroid Back, using Polaroid Chocolate Type 80 F film from PolaPremium

My image in Light Leaks

One of my favorite images from another photographer in this issue. Image by Rebecca Tolk

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