Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Polaroid Series "Memories From A Summer Vacation" - Photo #1 - Amy's

By Tiffany Teske

Ok, so once again, I am having series title issues... I find the current one for this series to be a bit too vague but will use it for now. I have decided to post this series in its entirety, hopely in a rapid fire pace of one a day. I will then continue posting the "Childhood" series, hopefully with a better title.

These images were taken on a road trip from our home in Banff, Alberta to Victoria Beach, Manitoba and back, in the summer off 2009.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Series - Childhood - Yet to be Named...

I have been waiting to start posting this images because I have not given the series a title yet... but I am just going to go ahead and it will come... This series is shot on Polaroid 669 film using a Holgaroid back on my Holga. They are all images of my daughter. My daughter looks pretty much exactly the same as I did as a child and these images are all of her doing things I had a memory of experiencing as a child. This series is like watching myself as a child, while at the same time reliving the memories, but also watching my child experience them for the first time. They are not set up, in the sense that I have not made her to do these things, but I have just brought the camera a long and photographed what was happening at any given time. They are all things most children experience, such as a birthday party, playing make believe, or falling down while trying to learn to ride a bike. This is an ongoing series.