Tuesday, April 8, 2008

News from Unsaleable

I received this yesterday...

loaded with Polaroid treasures
approaching the
unsaleable.com headquarter

Dear Polaroid Lover

First of all, please forgive us the long silence.
The last weeks were dedicated to our fight for a bright and long Polaroid future. As we promised it is now about time to dry your tears and to stop crying about lovely Polaroid films suddenly disappearing.

5 big boxes, loaded on 5 ships, stuffed with outstanding and super rare Polaroid materials and tools are heading for our headquarters landing within the very next days. Our Polaroid scouts succeeded once more in scanning the whole wide world for breathtaking Polaroid materials, that will blow our minds and make our analog hearts jump with joy as soon as we will open the crates.

As we gave you, as esteemed Polaroid customers, our word to always keep you updated we now inform you about the exact position of the ships, their cargo and their scheduled arrival time. As soon as we will open the boxes we will send you another short notice about the detailed content, giving you the chance to be the first to lay your hands on these Polaroid gems, before they get officially announced in our public online shop.

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