Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Future of the End

That is what the latest message from Unsaleable greeted me with today. First it was the end of SX-70 film now it is the end of SX-70 Blend film. I need more! Yikes! I best get on it...

Last 500 SX-70 BLEND twinpacks ever
Hard times for all Polaroid lovers. Our beloved SX-70 Blend film will far too soon disappear forever. Due to the fact that production of this sophisticated material is very complicated, involving a lot of hand-assembly, the decision to stop is final because of the lack of resources left in the Polaroid factory.

Polaroidlife goes on!!
Believe us, there is a future and Polaroid life goes on. We are slaving day and night to keep the wheels turning, collecting rare Polaroid tools all over the planet for never ending Polaroid passion. For every film passing away, we will sniff out and present 2 others. Currently 3 ships (and 1 mule) are crossing oceans loaded with splendid instant goods: The Holga back will return soon and there is a huge amount of breathtaking film-comebacks on our list. So please wipe away your tears, stay tuned and keep your cameras oiled."

Thanks for the warning, and the hope, Unsaleable.

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