Friday, March 21, 2008


It always starts the same way.... I am looking for something I know that I have... somewhere.... I think... maybe I got rid of it (highly unlikely since I am a pack rat and I rarely get rid of anything useful)?... maybe I only think I bought it (found it, accepted it from someone else getting rid of it)? it has got to be in my studio... or the garage... or the closet... it is here SOMEWHERE.... It IS here SOMEWHERE.... IT HAS GOT TO BE HERE SOMEWHERE... URGH!

Time to ORGANIZE. It IS spring. I never seem to get to the end, I just have starts and lurches toward organization and then the bottom falls out of the plan. I always think I need more stuff in order to organize, more plastic totes, more glass jars, more shelves when actually I guess I probably just need LESS STUFF. But, I have accepted that this won't happen. So has my husband (love you, Babe!).

All this stuff is part of who I am. It fuels my creativity and allows me to create on a whim. I am my own art/craft supply store, LOL. And since I can barely part with even the smallest scrap (paper of any kind is my downfall) I need to find better ways to know where it all is. Any suggestions out there? I am open to whatever anyone else with my crazy obsession for keeping everything for a collage, or you-fill-in-the-blank-now crafting project, can suggest has worked for them. In the meantime, I will continue to look for the bulk bag of pin backs I KNOW I HAVE SOMEWHERE and put that project on hold until I find them. And I will keep going through the boxes, getting side tracked by the lovely ephemera, and take a few more pics of my messy studio :)

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