Sunday, February 8, 2009

Polaroid Collage - Mature Content

I have been wanting to experiment with the hundreds, maybe pushing thousand+ Polaroid images I have. Many of them were the photo side of my 669 two part film, which I used the emulsion side of to make transfers. So, they are varying shades of color, contrast, and brightness, the perfect images to play with. It is also in keeping with my commitment to work using only recycled and thrifted materials.

I have been asked to submit work to the Chelsea Erotica Show for the third time. The first year I submitted frame Polaroid transfers, and the second year I made mixed media collages on canvas and in watchmakers cases as magnets. This year I am making these Polaroid collages.

I got to work composting, chopping, and gluing, and this is what I came up with... I have had these shadow box frames for a couple of years and wish I had more time to play around with them. I will have two left when I am done making what I need for the show, and I have vastly different plans for them. The glass that came with the frames has this frosting which matches the mats that came with them. It is kind of odd yet pleasing to put it back on top of the collage. Depending upon the angle that you view that from they change. And I think it makes you want to get up closer to discover more. What do you think? I welcome feedback...

Since the show is in Quebec, and since it opens on Valentine's Day, I need to make one or two more of these over the weekend and get them shipped in ASAP on Monday. I will post the others here when they are finished.

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